Helping Hands and Helping Feet...

Dog Walking

Put on your shoes and walk-a-wagger! 

Mon - Fri 9am- 4pm

Saturday 9am - 2pm

Sunday   9am - 12pm

The dogs in our care have some space in their enclosure to run around, but still need individual walks and attention. We know time is precious but even a few minutes will be rewarded with the sincerest love and joy if you spend a bit of yours walking, petting or stop by to hand out cookies.

Labours of Love

There are a multitude of ways you can help, depending on your time, preference or skill set.

1. Build It or Fix It:

If you are handy with tools we have things in need of repairs and/or repainting and also have piles of material with potential.


2. Green-Thumb?

We have a large property in constant need of mowing and weeding.


3. Have Access to a Borehole?

You could help us immensely by doing a load or 3 of cat and dog blanket laundry.

4. Feel like Spring-Cleaning?

We have litter trays to cleans, bedding to sort, donations to organize, shelves to repack, dusting to do ...

5. Get Involved in an Event:

We host a variety of fund raising events on and off the property, from cupcake sales, hosting markets, Pizza nights, dog washing events, tattoo day fund raisers, dog walks, micro-chipping and adoption days, photo-shoot fundraisers and many, many more. You can help by contributing, supporting or by spreading the word.   

6. Donate:

View our list of need items and donate whatever you can.