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Whilst we have community projects and programs that help support, improve, and in some ways give back to the Foundation, there are also very necessary programs purely for the benefit and betterment of the animals in our area.

There are programs all over the world for the handling of feral cat colonies. Being pro-life we are engaged in trap-neuter-return programs to manage population control, as opposed to capture-and-euthanasia.

Aside for being proactive in our endeavors to provide for the many animals needing homes, sterilization programs actually also save lives and are our 2nd biggest fund-raising drives.

Before and after photos show some of the amazing life-saving transformations that  we have been able to be a part of. With your help we can continue to save and change lives.  

We are a pro-life rescue organisation & our primary aim is to establish a culture of caring, giving, education & sterilization. 
NPO # 138-142 NPO

NPC # 2018/291418/08

PBO # 930061758

Address: c/o Botfontein Road and Bottelary Road, Kraaifontein, Cape Town.

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