Working With The Community

We are proud of our name, the work the foundation does through

all of us, and the number of lives we are able to have a positive

impact on.

"Change for the better" truly means something to us, and to really

make a lasting change it takes having an impact on a whole 

community. One pair of helping-hands and one set of protective

eyes is great, but think about what can get done with the hands of

a whole community.

Through sharing knowledge, sharing needs, pooling resources and

spreading news we can get help where it is most desperately needed and truly make a change for the better.

We have made great strides towards a working, symbiotic relationship within the community, as we believe this is the best way to achieve the aims set out in our Mission Statement. Our charity shop for example runs on donations of 2nd hand clothing for adults and children, shoes, curtains, towels, toys, etc. These are available for purchase at very low prices to anyone in the community and we also stock and sell other staples, like bread, milk and prepaid electricity, as the distance to other shops make these basic necessities hard to get. 

The money made from the charity shop and kiosk goes back to the Foundation - thus providing a service for the people and extra funding for the animals in need. 

Healing Honey

Trivia: Did you know that raw honey contains a powerful bacteria-killing agent called inhibine?

Change For The Better is home to a couple of beehives and in exchange for their rent, the owner provides us with raw honey. Due to the inhibine, when applied as a salve to burns, boils and any open wounds, the raw honey eases pain, kills bacteria, prevents infections and gangrene, and promotes healing. Not only has raw honey been known to heal wounds faster than traditional antibiotics, but it also saves us a lot of money in Vet fees.

The bee hive owner also helps with some of the garden maintenance as the dangers of overgrown grass, like fires, pose as much risk to the bees as to the shelter. 

The animals we have in our care are all from the surrounding area. Most are victims - not all victims of cruelty, but of circumstances.

Rural life is hard for many, 4 and 2 legged, and the drought has only added to the severity. Unsterilised dogs and cats continue to breed, adding to the number of malnourished stray dogs and cats. Parasites and disease spread wildly if left unchecked and untreated, and a lack of resources and education often makes it hard to care for even the animals that are loved and part of rural homes.

We are all working hard, working smart, and trying our best to help each other and those that cannot help themselves, but it’s not enough. Our mission as a Foundation is to help the animals and people in our geographic area but the Change for The Better ‘Community’, the helping-hands, need not be defined by location. Our community are the like-minded people that join together, that volunteer, donate, and become guardian angels.

We need your hands and your heart. Please help! Please get involved in any way you can and join us in changing lives for the better.