Our Shops

We actually have 2 shops at the Change For The Better Foundation, literally right next door to each other. Both serve a need within the community and generate a small revenue stream for the Foundation.

Our Snoepie

This shop carries items like bread, milk, flour, oil, tinned food, coffee, etc., basic staples that are easier for the neighboring farm-workers to get from us due to the distance of other shops.   


The Charity Shop

The Charity Shop is open to anyone and everyone in the community. 

Donations are heartily welcome and as stated the sales provide much needed funds for the Foundation and thus towards the care of our fury charges.

Donations of any kind can be dropped off at the Foundation:


Corner of Botfontein and Bottelary Road, Kraaifontein

Items for Sale/Needed:
  1. Clothes

  2. Kitchen Utensils

  3. Books & Stationary

  4. Shoes & Bags

  5. Toys

  6. Sporting Goods

  7. Cutlery & Crockery

  8. Small Appliances

  9. and many more...