The mom and pups above were found and brought to the Foundation where they were cared for. You can read their story and others under our Rehabilitations page.

We are permanently raising funds for sterilizations, and each one costs R400.00.

Sterilizing one furkid may not change the world, but surely for that one furkid, the world will change furever!!!

Any help towards sterilzations would be greatly appreciated and can be paid directly to the Vet.

Bank                  Investec Private Bank

Acc Name           EnviroVet CVC

Acc No.              10011398619

Branch Code       580105

Reference           ChangefortheBetter


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Aside for funds needed to provide for the furry charges in our care needing rehabilitation and re-homing, our 2nd biggest fund-raising drives are usually for sterilizations, not just for the dogs and cats in our care, but also within the surrounding community too.

We have heard people argue against sterilization, citing associated health risks, though there are as many medically documented health benefits. Some people however have ethical concerns, arguing that we are the voices of the voiceless, and that most of us would not advocate for sterilizing humans. We ask people to remember that as humans we have the ability to rationalize. The consequences of acting on our base instincts can be explained to a human teenager and they have the ability to overrule their instincts, whereas a dog and cat cannot. 

Aside for unsterilized dogs and cats further adding to the number of stray dogs and wild or feral cats, unneutered males will fight brutally over a female in heat and, as seen in the photo, mothers with a litter will do their best to provide for them even in impossibly harsh environments, to the point of malnourishment, and at the risk of their own lives.

Sterilization is not cruel, it is the responsible thing to do and proactively improves the quality of living of the animals in the community, while reducing the number of future stray puppies and kittens.

We work in partnership with the Envirovet CVC team who does the sterilizations at R400.00 per animal. We managed to spay and neuter 47 animals in August 2017 and 67 in November 2017.

On 10 May 2018 we spayed and neutered 85 animals and on 29 August 2018 another 88 animals.  On the 22nd of November 2018 as part of our Mass sterilisation project for 2018 we aim to sterilise a

further 100 animals. 

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change for the better!