There are so many ways you can get involved and help, be it through your time, money, support or networking, and we'll never say no to any...

Sponsorships and Donations

We're involved and run numerous community projects, but one of our

primary goals is to rehabilitate and re-home the many dogs, cats, puppies

and kittens that come to be in our care.

What many people do not realize is that even when a forever home is found,

the adoption fee charged only barely covers the very basic veterinary costs -

spaying/neutering, deworming and vaccinations. Even with our modest housing and

with donations, the cost of providing shelter, food, water, flea, tick & mite treatments for as long as it takes to rehabilitate and re-home each furry-child is quite high. Costs are even higher if additional medical intervention is required and though it's heart-breaking to say, most of the little souls that end up on our doorstep and in our care have had a very rough life and do need medical treatment and time to heal.

Even if you are not able to open your home to one of these needy fur-children, you can still make a huge difference to their lives by sponsoring them or by making a donation.

To view the fury kids in need of help and homes please visit our adoptions page. This page also provides details on how to sponsors or become a guardian angel.

Helping Hands

Any helping hands will be gladly appreciated and are always needed, be it in a group or from a individual.


We do not have the funds to support multiple full-time staff and those we have spend 99% of their time just seeing to the fury charges in our care. We are thus in permanent need of help in the form of making repairs to kennels and enclosures, sorting through donations, organizing, perform basic maintenance and upkeep, plus dog washing and walking, and help with fund raising, organizing events and spreading the word about the events and the foundation.