1. Work in the less fortunate communities; bathing and dipping animals, providing basic health care via vaccination programs, deworming and sterilizing, providing food and adequate shelter that is comfortable and clean.

  2. Provide veterinary care for those animals in desperate need.

  3. Provide temporary housing at our shelter for those animals in need of rehabilitation from disease or skin disorders.

  4. Provide food and clothing for the people as well as basic necessities, where funding and donations are available.

  5. Provide tools to build and repair kennels, start vegetable gardens, etc.

  6. We will host educational programs at schools.

  7. We will host educational programs where the unemployed can participate - to uplift their lives as well as those of the animals.

  8. We will work towards better rights for the animals in this country and harsher penalties against cruelty and abuse.


Mange is one of the many problems we face quite often and one of the most common forms of mange is called Sarcoptic Mange. It's caused by mites that burrow under the skin, causing intense itching. Left untreated it causes fatigue in the poor animal affected and needing to constantly scratch, almost complete hair-loss and thick, scaly-looking skin. It is also spreads rapidly and can jump to humans and other animals too, getting into blankets, bedding, carpets, etc. It's not typically seen in urban areas as standard tick & flea treatments like Bravecto (around R330 per medium-sized dog every 3 months) and Advantix also kill mites on contact and a good, hot, tumble-dry will kill mites in bedding. These options though are not possible/feasible for those in rural areas so many are inflicted and only diagnosed when the condition is already very severe.

Mission Statement

Help Where It's Needed

24 Januarie 2018—Meet Saskia, Meisiekind, Jessie and Blondie. 
All four doggies were brought to the shelter today from one of our nearby community farms. Not to surrender. But to seek help. 

Meisiekind has mange, blondie needs her vaccinations (she is already a 4-month-old pup), Jessie desperately needs a doggy groom and all 4 doggies need to be sterilized.


All the owners were willing to work along with whatever was needed. They are trying to seek the best for their animals and where else can go for help? 

3 of the 4 dogs were dipped at the shelter and Meisiekind got sponsored advocate treatment.

Here is the catch. Whilst we try help our surrounding community as best we can, none of the treatments are free. We depend on sponsorship, donations and public assistance to help the animals and to educate the community on animal care. We don’t judge circumstances. We seek and find solutions. After all, these pet owners are behaving responsibly. They care and have come seeking help and it's refreshing when pet owners take responsibility instead of just dumping their pets or abandoning them in their time of greatest need.

If you would like to be part of the solution please consider sponsoring any of the above mentioned treatments / community sterilizations.