Warning: Some 'Before' images are graphic and very disturbing.

One of our biggest pleases is for help is in paying for the veterinary bills. We cannot stand by as witnesses to neglect and cruelty, and when a little soul arrives at our door in urgent need of help, there simply is no choice but to get them the medical assistance needed.


Some have never known love, or the joy of a home. Some have poor excuses for homes and have known abuse, cruelty and neglect, or simply been abandoned. Some have been the victims of accidents or other animals, and some of these have love and a home but their family simply doesn't have the means or education to provide for their needs.

They all deserve better.

Whatever their circumstances they cannot help themselves and we cannot help them without you.

Please, help to make a change in their lives.

We are a pro-life rescue organisation & our primary aim is to establish a culture of caring, giving, education & sterilization. 
NPO # 138-142 NPO

NPC # 2018/291418/08

PBO # 930061758

Address: c/o Botfontein Road and Bottelary Road, Kraaifontein, Cape Town.

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