Our beloved Tripod has done it again! Warmly welcomed by the Grade 6 and 7's of Fanie Theron Primary school, Tripod assisted in the education on animal care and the very important role our youth plays in the future of animal welfare.
Amongst many things,Tripod taught the kids that animals and humans are life companions, that choosing a companion should not be because of disability, looks, breed, colour, age or any of the many reasons we hear why doggy x or doggy y is not on the shortlist. Tripod has been waiting for over a year for a beloved home, a chance to be acknowledged, a family of his own. So excited and so eager, our boy embraced every boy and girl's pat and hug. Tripod then joined the kids and blended in perfectly. Can you find him on the picture amongst nearly 250 kids? 

Change Through Education

Our own Annelie Van Wyk, animal rights activist and the manager of Change for the Better, heads up most of the education talks. Many are done at schools but the photos on the left were during a holiday program at the public library in Kraaifontein. 

August 2017 - Fanie Theron Primary School

After touching many, many lives at the shelter, Tripod was finally adopted on the 24 January. You can read more about him on our Facebook post.  ​

Of course education isn't limited to the youth, nor to a class-room setting, and we are very proud that the community feel comfortable bringing their animals to us for advice on their care.

If you've been to the Foundation you will have met some of the community kids, many of whom get involved in almost every event and are eager to learn and help out. It is great seeing them proudly bring their dogs to the Charity shop to show off how well the animals are doing.