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Sponsor a Dog or a Cat

Join our Warrior Sponsorship Program!

If you currently can't adopt a dog or a cat or would really just love to help us care for the animals, why not become a Warrior Sponsor to one of our furries? 

For as little as R100 a month you can sponsor a dog or a cat, or more than one, and help us give our furries the care that they require. We will also give you regular updates on the furry(s) for the time period that you are sponsoring. 

How to become a Warrior Sponsor?

- Contact us directly to start the Warrior Sponsorship Program 

- Come and meet our beloved dogs and cats and choose who you'd like to sponsor.

- Fill in our form and create a debit order with your bank, or manually make the payment at the end    of each month.


Just like that you are Warrior Sponsor and are helping us save the lives of the voiceless!

For more information on the Warrior Sponsorship Program please contact us on!

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