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About Us


Change for the Better Foundation ultimately strives to improve the overall health, living conditions and better treatment of animals in townships and less fortunate households. We aim to educate people, implement programs for self-sustainability and help them to better take care of their animals, to have respect for them and to love them.
"Because every animal deserves to be loved"

Our Story


Change for the better foundation was started on the 5th of January 2014. There is and will always be a need for animals to be protected from abuse and neglect. But this is where Change for the Better Foundation wants to change the people by proper education and understanding to treat animals as equals and handle them with respect. We will also fight for the laws to change, to get justice, where justice needs to be served. Get people involved in programs to uplift themselves and their community, to be able to feed and provide for themselves and their animals. 

No more cold nights, hot blistering days, being thirsty all the time, scratching the skin until it bleeds, trying to out run hunger pains, pining for love or pining for freedom. 

Every little soul deserves comfort and freedom from pain, hunger, thirst, and abuse.

Every little soul deserves a loving family and a caring hand. This is our promise and we commit 100%!!


Puppy with mange