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Change for the Better

is a non-profit organisation focused on improving animals' lives. It's more than just an animal shelter and sanctuary for fury kids in a time of need, its a community supporting foundation. more cold nights, hot blistering days, being thirsty all the time, scratching the skin until it bleeds, trying to out run hunger pains, pining for love or pining for freedom. 

Every little soul deserves comfort and freedom from pain, hunger, thirst, and abuse.

Every little soul deserves a loving family and a caring hand. This is our promise and we commit 100%!!

Dog for Adoption
Our Partners
Outreach Program at Library


We work with the community to improve the lives of the animals around us, and through education ensure that together we get proactive in their welfare. 

Feral Cat


Ever thought about wild versus feral cats? Some abandon cats will join a feral cat colony out of desperation. Find out how you can help. 

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